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Drones and Platform Packages

Combining the best drones with the best sensors to achieve results

Scanner Series

Affordable “Ready to Fly” Packages

Just starting out in the market or a specific capability, these are our most economical easy to use packages to get you flying and scanning in no time.

M200 Mini LiDAR System

Matrice 200 Mini LiDAR system is perfect for bare-earth, open vegetation, and basic structure capture and measurement. Its small form factor allows you to carry and fly almost anywhere.

M600 HD LiDAR System

The M600 HD has an increased lidar emission capacity for medium vegetation and higher density point clouds capture.

Mapper Series

Built in America (BAA) US Compliant “Ready to Fly” Packages

Our US compliant drones are Long Range Extreme Weather heavy lift industrial systems.  These sUAS packages feature industry-leading safety and redundancy for challenging environments and applications.

Mapper Lite

Medium drone form factor makes it easy to get on to your job site.  32 lasers allow you to capture more of what you need to measure.

Mapper HD

This medium sUAS produces accuracy multiple-return clean point clouds. Perfect for multi-level canopy and structural measurements

Want a Demonstration?

We can come to you and fly a half day demonstration.

We understand these are a big purchase for many of our customers. Let our mobile training team come work with you and show you why we promote some of the best systems and workflows on the market. 

For customers who purchase a unit within 60days of a demonstration, we subtract the base demonstration fee from your invoice.  

Surveyor Series

Advanced “Ready to Fly” Packages

These are our larger heavy lift, long-range drones.  This packages are designed for crews that run bigger jobs and need to cover more area with precision FAST.

Surveyor Pro

Our lightweight Survey-grade Lidar sensor with the capability to carry multiple HD mapping cameras

Surveyor Ultra

Our best survey-grade Lidar sensor with the capability to carry multiple HD mapping cameras

Financing and Leasing Options

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