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Platform Integrations

DJI M600 Pro and SDK

DJI M600 Pro

DJI M600 Pro is our most affordable platform.  We currently have stock mountings and packages for the GEOMMS (Series).

If you need additional cameras, proximity sensors… talk to our sales representative for what we can do for you. 

Universal Drone Mount

Universal Drone Mount

Universal Drone Mount.  If you have a drone that can lift 12lbs and has a standard cinematography rail system we have a universal mount with built-in stabilization.

Talk to our sales representative for details.

Car Mounts

Car Mount

Car Mount.  For GeoMMS16 and GEOMMS32 we offer a simple 8 magnetic or suction cup mounting system for mobile capture.  Simply change the configuration file, mount to the car plate and you can use the same equipment in the air or on the ground.

Custom Builds Upon Request

Talk to our sales representative for details.

Made in the US Multi-Rotor Platforms

US Multi-Rotor

Altus LRX

We have a small number of specialty vendors with extended range, maximum legal lift capacity, and added capacity (additional cameras, radios, etc).  These options require longer purchase lead times. 

Our staff can take you through all the options.

Fixed Wing- Extended Range.

Fixed Wing-Extended Range

 Coming in summer 2018. Our drone integration is built on NASA’s Universal Traffic Management (UTM) standard. We offer this to customers operating outside of the US, Canada, and Europe, in countries that allow Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) operations.   Unlike most vendors, we engineer the drone around the sensor’s capabilities.  The power and wings have been specifically designed for these industrial grade lidar sensors.  If you need extended range and endurance with very high point cloud densities then this is an option for you.

Drone Accessories

Drone Accessories
  • Batteries and Chargers.  This is probably the most overlooked item.  The drone is relatively inexpensive but depending on the volume of operations batteries can add a significant cost.
  • Other Camera. Depending on the use case and drone platform we do offer other cameras as part of the package.
  • Carrying Cases.  We work with local case vendors to get the cases you need for your drone, batteries and chargers, and your ground control station.

Autopilot Software Solutions

UgCS Pro/Enterprise is a 3D flight planning and flight control system offering custom tools, obstacle overlays, custom digital maps, digital elevation maps updates, and multiple aircraft control.  ***

*** UgCS Free/One have limited functionality and range, and will not operate near any airport, heliport, etc.  

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