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LiDAR Training Packages

Multiple Packages to Choose

Introduction to LiDAR

Not sure about LiDAR and what it can do? This is an 80-minute online self-paced course to provide you an overview of LiDAR technology.  Built by our Master LiDAR Instructors, we will cover basic theory, use cases, data products, and data verification/standards.

Drone LiDAR Introductory Course

This is a 3-day course offered around the country with our partner drone schools and major universities. This hands-on training is made for both companies wanting to: 

1. provide drone LiDAR services

2. contract LiDAR services

We cover LiDAR basics, full setup, and checklists, preflight procedures, basic flight operations, GPS correction, initial LiDAR post-processing, and visualization.  You will get exposure to equipment working in the field.  We finish Day 3 with lidar point cloud data analysis practicals so you have first-hand experience creating LIDAR data products and how to visualize them.  

Workflow optimization

Customized training for your company’s needs. 

This is all the elements listed above, however, we also include 40 hours of process consulting, build our initial checklists for your main collection requirement, and provide additional flight training.  This option is dependent on the drone being purchased and the application desired.

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