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From Turn-key solutions to tailored innovations, here is the sum of our parts.

We have the option for you.

Stock Solutions

Field tested, Field approved..

Here are the field solutions that can help you gain business oppertunities and scale your business.  

Aerial Systems (Drones)

Rising above it all….

Aerial collection is transforming tradional work.  However professional operators know that they need different remote piloted aircraft for different enviroments, applications, and endurances.

Mobile Mounts

We go beyond drones…..

Cars, Trucks, Rovers, Boats, and Backpacks…. Your business needs a capture solution for every enviroment so you can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) on your sensors.


Sensors in Motion

Cameras, spectral sensors, thermal imaging, spatial sensing, and LiDAR.  We have what you need to see the world and get results.

Ground Control Stations

Networks and Control

Telemetry, control stations, control software, remote viewing, and cyber security. Professionals and Enterprises know field data collection is more than an app.

Data Analysis

Data Driven Decisions

Data Compiling, Post Processing, Visualization, and Data Lifecycle Management.  Data is great, but transforming it into information and knowledge to trigger value is why we are here.

Analyze hosted software and our services

LiDAR University

So much in demand, we had to stand up a school just for this data modality.

As the world speeds up and expects increased accuracy, Light Detection and Range technology is at the forefront.  As a “base” layer in GIS and BIM, it doesn’t replace photography; it is the foundation.  Discover the full process and all its applications across several industries.

Data Training

Learn from the best!  We have master instructors in every data modality and data management system. 

Photogrammetry, Thermography, NVDI exploration, GIS, and BIM.  Learn how to take your business to the next level, leveraging smaller accessible sensor and transformation proved data workflows.

No gimmicks, just results.

Capital Leasing and Financing

Money Options

Buy, Lease, or Rent…

Running a business, it is about leverage and growth.  We partner with you to get your the capability and capacity so you can grow and win work.