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Drone System

Seamless Integration of Drone, Sensor, Software, and Lifecycle Workflow Process to tackle complex industrial business requirements

Aerial Drone Systems

Turnkey Industrial Multirotor
Turnkey Industrial Multirotor Drone
US Industrial Multirotor
Industrial Multirotor Drone
Beyond Line of Sight/ Extended Range Options
Extended Range UAV
Ground Control Stations
Ground Control Stations

Providing Aerial Access When You Need It The Most

Drone for Aerial Access


Drone Airborne Lidar Systems

We offer complete LiDAR Data Lifecycle Solutions. 

Industrial and Survey-Grade Lidar Options

GPS Inertial Assisted Positional Accuracy Options

Mobile Vehicle Integration Options

Vehicle  Fixed Wing RPA Multi-Rotor sUAS
-Car -UTM  -DJI
-ATVs -BLOS -Universal Mounts
-Extended Range -US Vendors

Post Processing LiDAR Software

Geospatial Analysis Tools


Universal Ground Control Station

Which version is best for your application?

Universal Ground Control Station

Which version is best for your application?

Repeatable Results.

Enhanced Safety. With UgCS you can take LiDAR aerial mobile mapping to a new level.

Data Analysis Software

Our staff has surveyed dozens of different software vendors to find the best analysis tools for different data modalities.  We are currently building guides and webpages on this site to provide guidance based on a type of sensor, industry, and method of data management.

Sensors we cover:

  • Photogrammetry
  • LiDAR
  • Thermal
  • Multi-spectral

We understand you can’t wait on us, so if you need to find a solution, reach out to our data specialists.  We will help you find the right software for you.

Data Analysis Software

Financing and Leasing Options