Geodetics hNAV Geopositional System with Velodyne VLP16 PUCK


Geodetics hNAV inertial positioning system with Velodynes VLP 32 Ultra PUCK LiDAR head.


Geodetics hNAV inertial positioning system with Velodynes HDE32E LiDAR head.

Riegl VUX-1

Survey Grade Aerial LiDAR System



For the capability, this is one of the most affordable mapping systems on the market.


Our mobile LiDAR systems are modular, allowing multiple platform integrations and mitigate obsolescence.


As field-grade equipment, there is no scheduling or long post-processing for your data.  Sets up in 10 minutes and initial data is ready minutes after download.

LiDAR Sensor Options

GeoMMS 16

GeoMMS 16

Returns 2 (Strong/Last)
Relative Accuracy* ± 3 cm
Channels 16
Range 80m-100m
Pts/Sec 350,000
Horizontal FOV 360°
Vertical FOV +10° to -30° (40.0°)
Drone Mount Y
Car Mount Y
Spec Sheet Velodyne VLP 16


GeoMMS 32 E

GeoMMS 32 E

Returns 2 (Strong/Last)
Relative Accuracy* ± 2 cm
Channels 32
Range 80m-100m
Pts/Sec 700,000
Horizontal FOV 360°
Vertical FOV +10° to -30° (40.0°)
Drone Mount Y
Car Mount Y
Spec Sheet Velodyne HDE 32E

GeoMMS 32 C

GeoMMS 32 C

Returns 2 (Strong/Last)
Relative Accuracy* ± 5 cm @<50m

± 10 cm@50-200m

Channels 32
Range 200m
Pts/Sec Single =600,000

Dual = 1,200,000

Horizontal FOV 360°
Vertical FOV +15.0° to -25.0° (40.0°)
Drone Mount Y
Car Mount Y
Spec Sheet Velodyne VLP 32C

Riegl VUX-1

Riegl VUX-1

Returns 4
Relative Accuracy* ± 1 cm
Channels Mirror
Range 530m
Pts/Sec 500,000
Horizontal FOV 330°
Vertical FOV
Drone Mount Y
Car Mount Y
Spec Sheet Reigl VUX-1

*Relative accuracy is manufacture claim and is highly dependent on atmospheric conditions and method of collection.

GPS Precision Packages

Standard Package

Standard Package

Geo-hNAV™ is a hybrid dual-GPS-aided inertial navigation system which delivers consistent position and attitude measurement accuracy. The Geo-hNAV combines RTK-enabled dual-frequency, onboard data recording, and Geo-Pointer dual-antenna heading system to provide the highest levels of accuracy. For drones, a precise heading is derived from GPS measurements using two GPS antennas rigidly mounted 1 meter apart on the platform. Under dynamic conditions, the combination of GPS and IMU provides enhanced position, velocity, and attitude measurements.

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)

Real-Time Kinematic

The RTK Bundle is a software and hardware solution to allow real-time GPS corrected positional data up to centimeter-level accuracy **

** Absolution Accuracy is dependent on absolute atmospheric conditions, satellite quality, and other related factors. 

Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK)

Post-Processing Kinematic

The PPK  Bundle is a software and hardware solution to all post processed GPS corrected solution up to centimeter-level accuracy **

** Absolution Accuracy is dependent on absolute atmospheric conditions, satellite quality, and other related factors.

Supporting Software

Real-time Viewer is a radio and visualization tool to show real-time LiDAR point density mapping.  Critical to determining you are collecting quality data for your project.

Autopilot Software Solutions

UgCS Pro/Enterprise is a 3D flight planning and flight control system offering custom tools, obstacle overlays, custom digital maps, digital elevation maps updates, and multiple aircraft control.  ***

*** UgCS Free/One have limited functionality and range, and will not operate near any airport, heliport, etc.  

Best Uses

Some Typical Applications!

“We have clients mapping long narrow tracks of land along powerlines, pipeline, and transportation lanes.  Besides topographically mapping, they are modeling the structures, categorizing them, and loading them into ARC-GIS software”

Coridor Mapping

“LiDAR does more than map land.  It can map biomass.  From this information, individual canopy tops can be filters and counted.  This allows a wealth of information ranging from yeild to burn maps, a wild fire managemetn tool

Precision Forestry

“Surveyors are starting to use this technology.  The speed and volume of geodetic information are amazing.   Cover hard to access and potentially dangerous terrain with ease.  No interpolation between survey lines.  Finally, it is all digital meaning it loads directly into your BIM or CAD software, allowing faster product turn around times. ”

Land Mangement

Frequently Asked Questions

How accruate is the LiDAR System?

Accuracy varies depending on several factors.

Relative accuracy is a function of which LiDAR head and how far away from the surface you are scanning, typical relative accuracy is around 1 to 3 cm.

Absolute Accuracy we have to add the GPS solutions.  GeoMMS hNAV system with just WAAS will get you 15cm of absolute accuracy.  By doing Post Processing Kinetic 5 to 6 cm RMSE is possible.  For more on accuracy, please see our info on LiDAR accruacy under resources.

Can I mount on a car?

Yes, we have car mounting packages.  Since the GEOMMS series is independent of platform, all you ahve to do is load the car configuration file and attach to the car mount is all you have to do.

Can I mount to a fixed wing drone or regular helicopter/ aircraft?

Yes you can but performance may be degraded depending on the application.  There are a lot of manufactures attaching their LiDAR on drones.  We have found if you are just doing bare earth mapping and need just a few points per meter squared then this option will work for you. However if you need mroe resolution, talk to our sales staff about pre-ordering one of our fixed wing options, designed to fly at slow speeds.

Can I map underwater?

No, mapping underwater is a two wavelength Lidar mapping process and requires different wavelengths to penetrate water.

What cameras can I use with this system ?

If you are buying a DJI Mounted system, you can use any DJI camera supported by the M600.  For other cameras or other drones, we can custom mount it for you.  Talk to our sales staff on custom options.

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